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Out on March 1st, 2024  

Could We Be Whole, soon on Warner Music Arts

This album shares the experience of shedding one's multiple layers of self to finally find wholesomeness again. An insightful musical journey to one's rediscovery through taking new risks. 

The new Album takes on a new surprisingly boundary-breaking musical journey for the artist, as she explores other musical identities, while simultaneously embracing her old self. 

This album merges effortlessly classical, soul, jazz, R&B, tints of afro-beat and even afro-latin flavours. An unprecedented mix of sweet and sour, which well represents the alternative and multifaceted artist that she is.

Music Credits: 

Written, composed, arranged, produced by Afra Kane/ Recorded, arranged & produced by Christophe Farine at MCMLVI Studio & at Théâtre de L’Heure Bleue, La Chaux-de Fonds/ Mixed by Misha Hering at Hollow Earth, France /Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters.


Performance Credits:

Afra Kane, lead vocals, backing vocals, piano & synths / Christophe Farine, bass, bass synths, synths, percussions / Emilio Vidal: guitar / Philip Dobkowski: trumpets/ Lucien Matthey, percussions / Marius Rivier, drums & percussions.


Artwork credits:

Direction: Guillaume Perret

Photography & Editing : Guillaume Perret

Styling: Marie Jeanrenaud 

Graphic Design:  Clio Hadjigeorgiou 

Released March 1, 2024, Under Exclusive License to WMGG 

© Afra Kane all rights reserved


Afra Kane’s new album Hypersensitive aims to create a different reality. A reality in which self-discovery and self-healing are accompanied by a freedom of expression, naked, raw & contrasted emotions.


Produced by Afra Kane & Christophe Farine | recorded by Christophe at First Floor studio, Switzerland, except « Mouth Shut (open-air) » auto recorded in one take by Afra Kane | mixed & mastered by Andrea Lepori #mixedbyandrea at The Mix Room - London | piano, lead vocals, synths : Afra Kane | bass & synths: Christophe Farine | guitar: Emilio Vidal | drums & percussions : Victor Garçia |backing vocals: Afra Kane, Pauline Maurer, Marie Fontannaz | strings: Marie-Anne Ravel (violin), Micaela Miranda (alto), Auguste Rahon (cello)

anoush abrar & clio ham artistic direction
Make up: Noelia De Jesus
Costume Designer: Hervé Broillet

Released March 4, 2022, Under Exclusive License to WMGG 

© Afra Kane all rights reserved

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