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Winner of the Montreux Jazz  Talent Awards 2019, and Swiss Live Talents Award 2022 nominee, Afra Kane, is a classical pianist gone singer-songwriter, composer, and producer, boasting a variety of musical and cultural backgrounds. Composition has always been the artist’s outlet to dissecting emotions & reflections converting them into art.Her sensitivity is enormously reflected in her music, which unearths taboos and topics not often talked about: depression, hypersensitivity, impostor syndrome and self-forgiveness. Her album 'Hypersensitive', rated four stars by “Kulturtipp”, released in March 2022, translated into a tour in several countries around the world, such as China, Bolivia, Peru, Spain, the UK, Germany, and the United States.


Her singles "Building" and “Start Again”(2021) were very well received by radios in Switzerland and across Europe on BBC Introducing and Jazz Fm. Moreover her single “Mouth Shut”, was selected as BBC introducing record of the week. Afra Kane was invited to play as a guest artist at Jack Savoretti’s Italian tour, contacted by the singer himself on Instagram. She also shared the stage with John McLaughin, Anne Pacéo and Snarky Puppy, having taken part in the Montreux Jazz Academy. In 2021, she was an “Artist in residence” for two months, at the prestigious Carlyle Café in Hong Kong, whose legacy has seen Eartha Kitt, Woody Allen and Bobby Short among some of the artists invited to the Café hailing from New York. Afra Kane has just released two singles: Invisible Cross and Empty Promises,  from upcoming album ‘Could We Be Whole’, coming out in March 2024. 

'Afra Kane embodies as much African-American jazz as European classical music, Western pop entertainment and passionate soul fever. 

Thus equipped, the Italian-Nigerian singer-songwriter does not have to fear comparisons with the great vocal divas.

Afra Kane is also an excellent pianist, with a remarkable sense of form, improvisational dramaturgy and passionate power play.

Her culture of touch is tremendous, her individuality subtle. [....]

Afra Kane impresses with her free and deliberately imperfect interpretation of her own compositions. Her warm and touching voice, transmits both sensitivity and determination, her changes of rhythm as well as her sense of dynamics and nuances can be understood as part of her vocal identity.'


                                                                                  Article by Jörg Konrad from 


Collaborations & Tours 
Montreux Jazz Academy Live at Autumn of Music 2020 | Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation

Montreux Jazz Academy Live at Autumn of Music 2020 | Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation

00:00 Them Or Me by Afra Kane 06:45 Cyclic by Arthur Hnatek 15:16 La Flaque d'Eau by Jules Martinet 21:50 Camel by Mareille Merck 34:00 No Pain No Gain by Afra Kane 43:12 What Now by Andrew Neil Hayes MONTREUX JAZZ ACADEMY The Montreux Jazz Academy is a residency for musicians based on the transmission and exploration of new artistic approaches. For its 6th edition, the Academy took place under the musical direction of the New York collective Snarky Puppy represented by its frontman Michael League, as well as keyboardist Bill Laurance, and trumpeter and keyboardist Justin Stanton. Mentors : Jazz fusion guitar maestro John McLaughlin, unmissable French drummer and composer Anne Paceo. Fellows: Five musicians were invited by the Foundation to benefit from the residency: the 2019 Montreux Jazz Talent Awards winners Afra Kane (solo category) and Andrew Neil Hayes (band category for his duo Run Logan Run), as well as three artists active on the Swiss jazz scene: Arthur Hnatek, Jules Martinet and and Mareille Merck. AUTUMN OF MUSIC In October 2020, the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation presented "Autumn of Music", a one-week event celebrating music through workshops, jam sessions, concerts and more. During this week, six Swiss emerging artists were chosen to play as part of the Swiss Talent Spotlight program. Multilingual and eclectic, the selection reflects a diverse, fresh and talented Swiss scene. MONTREUX JAZZ ARTISTS FOUNDATION The Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation (MJAF) is a recognized non-profit that supports the next generation of artists and encourages exchanges through the universal language of music. Founded in 2007, the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation pursues two core objectives: discovering and nurturing talented musicians in the early stages of their careers and making music accessible to one and all. Share your love for music - Help the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation to support new talents! Thank you for your generosity! MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL WHERE LEGENDS ARE BORN The Montreux Jazz Festival takes place for two weeks every summer in Switzerland, drawing 250,000 music lovers to the shores of Lake Geneva. Since 1967, the Festival has celebrated all genres of music and generated countless legendary performances. Artists who have graced the stage of Montreux include Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Prince, Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill, Kendrick Lamar, Leonard Cohen, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, Nina Simone and many more. Official Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
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